The Solutions We Offer

Systems Integration

As you grow; as industry standards change; as you move into a new office; as new technologies become available and accessible, you may find yourself in need of modifying your company’s information technology requirements. BSC realizes that time is of the essence and this is something that you want to complete as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our experienced IT professionals will work alongside your leaders to develop, review and refine optimal solutions and to provide on-going implementation support.

IT Support Services (Network & Desktop Support)

A computer network is a very complex set of relationships established between a number of different components integral to the operations of your firm. Our consultants have spent years gaining skills needed to understand, troubleshoot, take apart, and put back together network components quickly and safely. As a result, we bring highly efficient network specialists to your office. BSC will ensure that your company stays current with industry-standard practices. We will configure your system to its optimal performance levels, document all work in a consistent manner, and design an efficient disaster recovery and back up routine. We can set up virtual networks, allowing your employees to access your network from the convenience of their homes or out of town business meetings.

In addition to our network support services, BSC provides unparalleled desktop support services for your employees, resolving issues with hardware/software operations required for day-to-day functions in your company. Our remote-support sessions allow our technicians to troubleshoot user IT problems without having to pay an office visit. This approach helps us resolve desktop issues quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.


We have extensive knowledge in designing, implementing and maintaining virtualized environments. Our hands-on experience will ensure that your computing infrastructure can handle the workload of your dynamic environment and offer the performance necessary to streamline your network. As a certified VMWare partner, we can deploy and manage any virtualized environment with ease.

Website Development

Establishing a web presence in the 21st century has become a necessity for even the smallest businesses. Our community is so interlaced with the World Wide Web that a business without a website is almost like a business without a mission statement. A website is your resume: informative, unique, well-organized, and aesthetically appealing. Our creative web designers can guide you in creating a web presence from scratch, or help you enhance, punch-up, and upgrade your existing site. We will research your market to ensure that the look we create for you is competitive in your field, and we will engage in the creative process to give you more control over the outcome. Depending on your needs, we can develop simple HTML pages or complex database driven sites that require heavy user interaction. E-mail to request a portfolio.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Let us assist your organization in developing a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan. Uninterrupted access to your systems and vital information is crucial in today’s competitive marketplace. We have implemented varying solutions for our clients based on their data requirements and risk levels.

Custom Application Development

Creating custom applications for businesses is our specialty. We are experts in providing solutions tailored to a client’s industry and priorities. The countless software packages available in today’s market rarely take into consideration the unique needs of your company. That is why an increasing number of clients are turning to us to build customized applications that will not compromise ease of use and client-specific features. We tackle application development in four phases:

· Analysis – gathering user requirements, scope definition

· Design – prototyping, system flow, definition of specifications, normalization

· Development – writing and testing the code for your custom application

· Implementation – final testing and code correction, delivering the application to your desktop, and aiding your staff in adopting the new system to make it an integral part of your office environment

Cloud Computing

Is cloud computing the right fit for your organization? We can help determine that and formulate a solution based on your requirements, constraints and risk levels. We offer cloud-based solutions vs. premise-based ones (and provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of each solution). In addition, we can implement a hybrid solution, taking the strengths of each offering.

VoIP Solutions

Let us speak to you about VoIP – the leading phone services solution for small to mid-size companies. We can analyze your current phone services costs and provide a VoIP solution that will not only save you money, but eliminate any down-time and management requirements.

Staff Augmentation

New York City is arguably one of the most fast-paced business environments in the United States. Whether you are a financial institution or a non-profit organization, slowing down even for a minute may cost you leverage in your industry. So when you need an extra hand to keep up with an increased flow of business, or fill in during a shortage of qualified IT employees, you can count on our network of reliable IT professionals. If you are our existing client, we will provide you with a consultant well-versed in your IT infrastructure. We will also be happy to help you interview candidates should you need to fill an IT position with a full time employee. While we are not a staffing firm with a resume database, we will help you recruit and evaluate candidates based on their technical expertise. This will weed out candidates who are not qualified to meet your needs, saving you precious time and energy.

Warranty Support

Most hardware and software manufacturers provide a warranty for their products. However, it is not enough to simply call the manufacturer in case your system component fails. You first need to locate the problem, troubleshoot the faulty component to determine the scope of the problem, decide if the warranty applies in your case, and then deal with the manufacturer (which is not always an easy task!) Luckily, you can always call on BSC’s experienced consultants to assist you in this matter.

Hardware Acquisition

In our commitment to make Business Systems Consulting a one stop shop for all your IT needs, we’ve partnered with giants such as Dell, HP, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and many others to bring you a bulk discount for the physical layer (hardware/software) of your computing environment. We can choose from a wide range of products, and will be sure to offer our recommendations of hardware/software that best suits your unique needs.